Clan Rules

Animals: Wolves are warriors, elders, queens, and medicine cats. Foxes are apprentices. Rabbits are kits.

It is understood that non-members can only have two animals. It would be preferred if these two animals were a rabbit and a wolf as a rabbit can be used both for kits and apprentices and a wolf can be used for warriors, queens, ect.

Dress code: Fox hats are allowed, as are raccoon hats and skull helmets. Swords and worn blankets are allowed, but bows and arrows are not. Tail armor and elf bracelets are also allowed for both members and non-members.

Tags are DARK BLUE, please have your badge fit your rank as listed below:

star: leader

lightning bolt: deputy

flower: medicine cat

wolf: warrior

paw: apprentice

clover: elder

It is understood that non-members cannot do this.

Clan rules:

1. Show respect to all those higher than you because they have earned it. This includes sitting vigil for a deceased cat. Even if you didn't know them, show respect, for they lived a life as well.

2. Nightstar’s admin doesn’t have photographic memory, so please state your name and rank on his jammer wall.

3. You must come to the clan at least once a month or more or Nightstar will delete you from his buddy list. This does not mean you can't come to clan sessions the entire month. If you get a message, come anyways, for you might miss something important. CHECK THE WIKI. Nightstar tries really hard to keep this wiki updated and is also adding things continuously. Try to check it at least every other day.

4. Mentoring will only be given to cats who show up at least once every week or so.

5. NO SWEARING!!! This cannot be stressed enough! Remember there are little kids that play and they shouldn't need to see these words. This includes mating, if you mate, don't do it in public, and no acting it out.

6. No advanced roleplay in camp. We normally use basic roleplay language, such as ears and tail. When in camp, please use language that everyone can understand. You may use advanced in patrols.

basic cat anatomy link:

Advanced for anyone who wishes to use them during patrols:

7. If you have kits, please do your job as a parent. Kits are important and we don't need kits getting into trouble. This includes if you are a father and your kits are on but your queen isn't. If you have to look after your kits, you will be cut from patrols until your queen returns or until another queen volunteers to watch them. If you are looking after your kits, you are expected to be in the nursery with the kits, NOT running around or doing nothing in camp.

8. If you aren't on a patrol, find something to do in camp. Train your apprentice, collect herbs for the medics, collect moss for the elders, or look after the kits. Every single cat needs to be doing something during clan sessions, not just sitting around and doing nothing. Ask Nightstar or a deputy if you don't have something to do and they will give you something to do.

9. Queens can't have over 3 kits in one litter. If there are over 3 kits, some will have to be given to another queen.

10. No one can challenge the medicine cats, leader, or deputies. They all know what they are doing and if you really have a problem, speak to them in private. THIS MEANS IF SOMEONE TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT.

11. No whining! If there is something you don't like that goes on that day just get through it, we don't do the same thing every day.

12. Please don't attack any one unless the deputies or leader says so.

13. No randomness during clan session. This takes away from what we need to do. Nightstar will allow it on days he normally doesn't do clan sessions. Days that don't have clan session can have randomness, but very limited randomness. Nightstar can be very snappish to those who decide to goof off and he will only be giving 3 chances; any time he catches you being foolish after will result in a small punishment. THIS ALSO MEANS NO DRAMA THAT IS TOO DYNAMIC. Yes, clans revolve around drama, but please don’t be too extreme and don’t have any revolving around you. This means that if there is a fire, no need to go catch green cough. This also includes bringing your friends into the clan. It doesn’t make sense if we are doing something and suddenly you decide to bring your rogue friend in.

14. All kits must have a mother as well as a father if possible. Find a queen in the clan if you can before asking, as it is very hard to keep track of kits who don't have mothers and Nightstar will most likely forget that you’re in the clan.

15. Please listen to the deputies and medicine cats. They put a lot of effort into their role and they deserve respect. If you see someone being disrespectful to a deputy or medicine cat, let Nightstar know and punishments will be given.

16. If you have a problem and a deputy is on - unless the problem is urgent - please see the deputy first and talk to them before speaking to Nightstar. If it is very urgent, don't hesitate.

16. Never disobey an order in battle.

17. No name changing unless you have a really good reason to.


•no prey for the night

•caring for the kits or the elders for a week

•banished from the clan for a day or so

•banished from the clan for a week or more

•demoted to a lower rank

•death (very last resort)