Second deputy

Medicine cat

Medicine cat apprentice

Second medicine cat

Second medicine cat apprentice

Leader's mate



Queens and kits


Leader: highest rank in the clan. Only deputies and medicine cats can challenge. In charge of ceremonies, meetings, and announcements and leads battles and leads the clan in gatherings.

Deputy: second in charge after the leader. The clan has two deputies so there is always one on during clan sessions. In charge of patrols, warrior meetings, and apprentice training.

Medicine cat: third in rank after the leader and deputy. In charge of healing and interpreting dreams and omens. No one is allowed to challenge them at all, as they deserve full respect.

Leader's mate: this does not happen often, but the leader's mate is an important cat in the clan. This cat will be respected, though she still holds a rank among the warriors.

Elders: retired warriors who have served their clan well. Must be respected and take care of. Apprentices are in charge of seeing to their needs. 

Warriors: full grown cats who protect and provide for the clan. These cats do border patrols and hunting patrols.

Apprentices: warriors and medicine cats in training who learn to fight and hunt for the clan.

Queens: she-cats who provide the clan with kits and watch over the nursery. Queens will stop being queens and go back to being warriors once their kits reach 4 moons old.

Kits: the youngest cats in the clan. Cannot leave the nursery until 2 moons old. Become apprentices at 4 moons old.